Benefits of the HR System and Payroll Software Malaysia to the organization

The human resource function remained as a paperwork exercise in most industries for an extended period. In fact, there are some organizations that have not fully automated the human resource function. Traditional human resource practices call for triplicate or duplicate documents that are transferred into the physical file of each employee. It can be very time consuming to change a single detail in such a paper-based system. However, HRMS has changed and revolutionized on how human resource and personnel departments operate. For more information about this, you can click here.

The modern-day HR software has switched organizations to the idea of the e-human resource. These solutions are readily available in the market and come with several benefits to both the employees and the employer. Here are some of the benefits of buying and installing this kind of software in the workplace.

payroll malaysiaPayroll Software and integrated HR Reduce Administrative Costs and Time

A research done on payroll system Malaysia reveals that these solutions drastically reduce the administrative cost and time. For example, a new employee was required to provide a long list of documentation to the HR department upon documentation. The employee was also required to fill physical forms for changing bank details, annual leaves, absence, and training courses among others. The forms would go through several individuals before getting to the human resource department for logging in. the integrated HR and payroll solutions allow the employee to enter the data once and it will be available to all the departments.

In addition, there is no need to physically sign the attendance register. All employees clock in and out using the fingerprint time attendance solution that is part of the overall HR software. This helps the organization to redeem a lot of time that was wasted through filling a lot of paperwork. In fact, even employees can apply for staff loans online and the line managers approve within a day. The primary role of HR software is to support a paperless and efficient work environment that saves a lot of time and money. This time and resources will be channelled to more productive activities and this will enhance the competitive edge of the organization.

Employees can now update their personal records

It has now become the responsibility of each employee to make sure that his or her personal details are correct. Employees can use the HR software to manage their personal records. All the HR department can do is to confirm the accuracy of the updated information and verify the entry in the system through a single click of the button. The information will be up to date and available to all the departments in the organization or a real-time basis.
fingerprint time attendance malaysia

Track Employee Absence and Holiday Entitlement

The fingerprint time attendance solution allows the employer to know the exact number of hours the employee was on duty. The primary responsibility of the supervisor is to ensure that the employee is engaging in productive activities while at work. The HR software can also tell the exact number of leave days and holidays that the employee is entitled to. The solution has increased the level of accountability in the workplace.

Monitor Employee Appraisal and Training

Both the employees and the employer can access development needs, training records and appraisal documents through the HR software. Both of them will be able to monitor employee development and make sure that they don’t overlook appraisals as they are scheduled in the system. The software packages come with key training materials that promote learning and development in the organization. Most of the HR solutions come with several functionalities and you can tailor them to the unique needs of your organization.

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