Creativity TV Cabinets at Melbourne Is Intelligence Having Fun

Creativity, when combined with intelligence, drives the brilliant outcome. When it comes to designing a house the house owner wants to design his home in a way that it stands out from the crowd and fits his expectations for a quality life. Meeting expectations of house owners requires creativity with commitment and passion.

The Bayres Design; A Melbourne based company, has shown once and for all that it is the best company that has flourished creativity in designing interiors of the house. The Bayres Design that specializes in handcrafted wooden furniture has marked the unique approach to interior designing making your house livelier. Bayres Design specializes in making timber dining tables, TV stands, TV cabinets and such other useful parts of the household. You can find out more here.

They believe in handcrafting of articles, giving them the natural touch of woods. They have introduced the line of timber dining tables; The Florida dining table made of sustainable Marri timber with steel legs appearing like hairpins, The Palermo dining table carved out of wormy chestnut timber, Abasto dining table having the top of American oak. Timber is famous for furniture because it is strong, durable, easy to maintain and looks great almost everywhere be it a dining room, living room or bedroom. Their evergreen popularity within Australian house owners is the result of two masterminds; Pato & Rocky. Rocky and Pato have also crafted the coffee tv stands melbournetables, Belgrano coffee table, and Torquato coffee table to name a few. They have also a range of TV stands, TV cabinets, and such other TV units to keep away the mess around your TV in your living room and bedroom making it look neat, tidy, simple and spacious. The artistic furniture pieces of Bayres Design are made up of Marri timber, wormy chestnut, recycled messmate and American oak, all with a fine quality. The Reason behind the demand for these handcrafted products being that gives a touch of natural woods. All their hardwoods are carefully collected to live longer and stay stronger. They use recycled timbers, which makes it a good choice for people who support environment.


The natural oils and wax are used for giving shine to the wooden art pieces and the most remarkable thing being, that they don’t use any toxic elements for finishing. Their products have a range of uses for the household. They have unique bed table in their series of timber products. Pato and Rickey have really transformed the way of interior designing. They were originally from Argentina, and they came up with their unique ideas of furniture to Melbourne and the Bay design is the outcome of their hard work and out of box thinking. No doubts that people in the modern world are using advanced methods of furniture, but nothing can compare a wooden piece carved out of natural timber.

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A house without creativity and art is like leaving in a furniture box, but the layers design has transformed the boring buildings into creative masterpieces with their traditional yet artistically handcrafted and sustainable furniture solutions.

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