Sabah is a great place of Borneo Holiday deal for Tourism

Why Is The Best Time To Travel To Sabah?

Most island destinations have seasons when the weather is not very conducive for travellers. In Sabah however, the seasons vary between the west coast and east coasts. So get the best travel packages deal with Sabah now.

At the beginning of the year, the west coast is rainy whilst the east coast is dry. Midyear, the east coast is rainy whilst the west coast is dry. The alternating atmospheric conditions allow for travellers to travel to Sabah all year round.

borneo travel packagesWhat To Expect While In Sabah Borneo

One of the Kota Kinabalu attractions is the Asian cuisine. The locals serve the best Asian food in the bay and street food as well. Most people prefer dining at the bay as they get a better view of the Mount Kota Kinabalu.

The locals also have maintained their cultural values and most people who visit in July get the rare opportunity to experience it in its totality. July is the festival month. The streets are always colourful with different processions all day long.

Unique animal species like Orangutans are another sight to expect in Sabah. The orangutans have made a home for themselves in Sabah. There are also very many marine parks that offer guests the perfect animal interaction experience.


Activities For Water Lovers.

Borneo holidays packages are well suited for water lovers. One of a unique aspect of Sabah is the beautiful diving sites in the crystal blue waters.

Millions of divers travel to Sabah to get the amazing experience of diving in extremely beautiful territories. Snorkeling and white water rafting are other activities for water lovers.

climbing kota kinabaluThe Beauty Of Climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu

Mount Kota Kinabalu has the highest viewpoint in the whole of Malaysia. Despite being one of the highest and tough mountains to climb in the region, the view at the top is one that cannot be compared to another. You can easily get a Kota Kinabalu travel guide at there.

It is not enough to simply see pictures taken at the top of the mountain. Climbing mount Kota Kinabalu allows guests to view the volcanoes and watch how the rainforests, rivers and beaches are sprawled out in a magnificent manner on the island.

The mountain is surrounded by a very beautiful coastal town where tourists will definitely need their flip-flops to move around. This is because there are multiple shopping malls, dining areas and interesting markets to visit. The locals are also very friendly and accommodating.

Activities For People Travelling With Kids.

The animal rehabilitation centres are a good place to kick off a vacation with kids on the island. The Borneo holiday package not only accommodates kids but also has tailor-made activities for them.

The caves in Kota Kinabalu are also a great place where kids can go and have fun running around. The marine park and jungle forests for kids who love hiking with their parents also complete the magical experience for them in Sabah.

For parents or lovers who would like a quiet private time, the Borneo holiday package includes a quiet boat ride in Kinabatangan. The river meanders around the rainforest allowing guests to enjoy the tranquillity of the island as they look for wildlife or just enjoy the scenery.

Clearly, Sabah Borneo has a little something for everyone.

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