Event Space for Rent During Special Occasion In Kuala Lumpur

Company employees, students, freelancers, or even salesmen are all in need of a meeting. However, not all companies or schools have a venue within their institutions to handle such event. Many times, meeting facilitators rent out training or seminar rooms in order to conduct an event. TKPKL is a company who offer a good meeting conference room in KL.

A good training room has proper ventilation, enough lighting, equipment such as an overhead projector and a writing board, seats and tables. The demand for training rooms have contributed to the growth of the real estate industry, wherein rooms are being constructed to accommodate training. In Kuala Lumpur, there are so many training rooms or seminar room for rent. Here are some of them:


ISpace is a technology hub headquartered in Ghana
offering office spaces in different countries and is also available in Kuala Lumpur. What is good with iSpace is that it offers a complete package to customers, not only limited to seminar rooms alone but also food, event coordinator, and photocopying and scanning facilities.They also have a pre-event set-up and storage of materials to assure event facilitators that everything is ready when they arrive.The food iSpace is offering is also a complete set. They have catering services, bento meals, burgers and ice creams of different flavours. Just choose as you book your event. ISpace has already been a top brand worldwide with clients such as Cisco, TopGear and Gamuda among others.


event venue in klFlySpaces

FlySpaces in Kuala Lumpur offer private office spaces, coworking spaces, virtual offices, training rooms, and event rooms.Their training rooms are fully air-conditioned, with wifi, sound system, projector screen, lights and sounds, flip chart and have staff support. One training room can accommodate a maximum of 130 people. This can be booked at a rate of MYR 250/ hour.

training room for rent in kl

TKP Conference Center

Similar to iSpace, the TKP Conference Center also
offers catering services to those who rent out their seminar rooms. Aside from food, the training room consists of onsite technical support and audiovisual equipment such as microphones, stereo speakers, and LCD projectors.


event space for rent kl


Traders Hotels

The Traders Hotels feature state-of-the-art tools such as satellite and teleconferencing; free wifi and cable broadband Internet access; slide, LCD, and overhead projectors. This is ideal for those who are in need of advanced technology during their training.



event space kuala lumpurMartin Conference Centers

Like iSpace and TKP Conference Center, the Martin Conference Centers offer training or seminar rooms with food and beverage.Their catering service is done by their catering partners, and provide well-crafted traditional food, and also Bento meals. Beverages meanwhile are sodas, coffee, or tea. The rooms have different kinds of projectors, microphones, portable screen, executive rostrum, whiteboard, flip chart, and laser pointer. Different training or seminar rooms provider offers different kinds of services and facilities. It is best to know how long would you be conducting your training and what are the materials you need in order for you to choose the best training room for you. Do you only need a projector and a board? Or are you planning to do a teleconferencing too which would need a good camera as well as a good internet connection?

This would help you lessen the cost, and be able to utilize and maximize the functions of the training room. This would also provide convenience to your listeners or delegates, and they will be able to learn well during the meeting.